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Mini-Project 4B: Capstone

Table of contents

  1. Requirements
    1. Requirement 1: Use a Framework
    2. Requirement 2: Use a Shared Codebase
    3. Requirement 3: Build a Showcase Website

Congratulations on finishing Project 4A! In the second part of the final project of this training program, you’ll have the flexibility to go truly cross platform!

This project is an extension of your previous project’s work. Your goal is to take the mobile app and make it applicable for the web to be used in a browser with similar but not necessarily identical functionality.

You must implement requirement 1 and are free to do either requirement 2 or 3. Note that you can do both if you would like, but you are not required to.


Requirement 1: Use a Framework

You are free to choose between a variety of frameworks as you see fit - for example, you can use Create React App, Next.js, Preact, Gatbsy, etc. based on your needs.

Requirement 2: Use a Shared Codebase

The advantage of using React to build both websites and apps is that you can have one shared codebase between your platforms. This means that you can use the same codebase to build both websites and apps.

Requirement 3: Build a Showcase Website

Having a showcase website that illustrates your product’s functionality is a great way to get people to try your product. You can use this website to show off your product to potential users and incorporate information about where you see your product going.

Congratulations on completing the final project and the training program! Over the past few weeks, you have learned:

  • Javascript and Typescript
  • React and React Native
  • Node/Express
  • Firebase
  • Authentication
  • Systems Design
  • Web Development
  • Redux

Most importantly, you have learned how to learn. Don’t restrict yourself to the basics of these technologies. There are countless more technologies out there, and the possibilities are endless as they rapidly change over time.