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Lesson 3: REST API’s, Databases, Systems Design, and the Cloud

Table of contents

  1. 3.1: JavaScript Promises
  2. 3.2: REST API’s
  3. 3.3: Fetch in JavaScript
  4. 3.4: The Cloud
  5. 3.5: Firebase
  6. 3.6: Twitter Case Study
  7. 3.7: Firestore Walkthrough
  8. 3.8: Component Libraries
  9. 3.9: Async/Await
  10. 3.10: Systems Design

Lesson Resources: Lesson Slides, Lesson Playlist

External Resources:

3.1: JavaScript Promises

3.2: REST API’s

3.3: Fetch in JavaScript

Axios is a popular Javascript library that can be used instead of fetch. It is a promise based HTTP client. Postman is a popular tool for testing REST API’s.

3.4: The Cloud

3.5: Firebase

Note that Firebase Firestore is a NoSQL database. As a brief overview, databases can be structured (like a table) or unstructured (like a document). In this lesson, we will be using unstructured data, but many of the concepts will be the same.

3.6: Twitter Case Study

3.7: Firestore Walkthrough

3.8: Component Libraries

3.9: Async/Await

3.10: Systems Design

In the video, it states that Systems Design is section 9; this is merely a typo. Additionally, the links referenced in the video are linked above in external resources.