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Game Changers

Welcome to Ideation

Training Program teaches you how to build. Ideation teaches you what to build.

Building a product is hard. Building a product that people want is even harder. Ideation is a 6-week program that teaches you how to build products that people want. We’ll teach you how to identify problems, how to validate your ideas, and how to build a product that people will actually use.

In the first 3 weeks, we cover the big picture ideas of coming up with ideas and pitching them. Then, you’ll build out your own ideas in teams, using what you learned in the training program, before pitching it at TechFair.

Software/Hardware Requirements



Week Topic Date
Week 1 What makes a good idea? Oct 12, 2022
Week 2 Idea Discussion Oct 19, 2022
Week 3 What makes a good pitch? Oct 26, 2022
Building- Build an MVP Nov 2, 2022 -
Practice Session Practice Pitches Nov 16, 2022 -
TechFair Present! Nov 9, 2022


Ideation has 3 main lessons:

Goals of Ideation:

In Ideation #1, newbies will better understand the process of ideating successfully, achieved through discussion. Afterwards, newbies will come up with preliminary ideas.

In Ideation #2, newbies will discuss ideas with members of leadership in an organized manner. Afterwards, newbies will go into more depth on either previously discussed or brand new ideas (writing a brief overview of the idea).

In Ideation #3, newbies will finalize ideas from the previous lists and learn the basics of pitching ideas. Afterwards, newbies will choose which projects they find most interesting.

The goal of the practice session is to ensure that newbies get a chance to go through their presentations in their entirety.

After the three workshops, newbies will work on both their MVP and their pitch in time for TechFair, where they will present to the larger Berkeley community.

As a result of this process, newbies should:

  • Have experience thinking of and ideating on ideas
  • Gain an understanding of the product development process
  • Apply their skills from the Training Program in building out functioning mobile (with optional web or other technology components) applications


Instructor: Aniruth Narayanan